How it works...

Plays Messages Here
The office can issue messages that play here on the web site home page. All currently-active messages play in succession in an endless loop.
Messages may be sent many ways
This message board is one of many. Messages also show on the TV channel, sign boards, kiosk, and by text message or RSS feed to your phone. The full list of open messages is available on the news page.
Messages can include images
Images, even videos, may be combined with text to get your message across. Messages may transition by roll-up, fade, or many other transitions.
Quick facts:
What we do: Use the very latest in communication technologies to keep residents and staff informed.
What is installed (where applicable):
  • Free web site
  • Free common area LCD signs
  • Free common area kiosk
  • Free private TV channel
  • Free public vehicle tracking
How it works: Management and residents can post messages and other information. Announcements are posted immediately along with news, weather, etc. to all signs, TV, phones and the web.
Is it public: Yes and no. Yes, the web site has a public side so you can, say, advertise your unit for sale. No, you can do business in private, such as book internal services after a secure login.
What else will it do: Many things. Book facilities or repair services, check schedules, watch the GPS location of your shuttle bus on your smart phone: imagine, and we will make it happen.
What does it cost: For eligible sites, nothing. The service is paid for by advertising. Your management can, within reason, decide what ads are acceptable. If the site is successful, your community group may actually receive a share of revenues.

Coming soon
Free information systems for communities...

Best Solutions Inc. supplies free communication systems for communities. What is a qualifying community? Here are some examples:
  • Condominiums,
  • Retirement communities,
  • Sports leagues,
  • Clubs,
  • Municipal arenas,
  • Trade associations,
  • Special interest goups,
to name just a few. If you are in a group, the group needs to communicate. If you are a substatial group, we will give you all the information resources you need to run your community and stay in touch ... at no charge!

What do you get? At very minimum, a web site where you can enter messages, book events, schedule, post classified ads, distribute forms and documents, and even manage any internal staff and assets. We specifically include features for property management and internal service management. While we do not replace your official accounting, much of your day-to-day business can be conducted on the system at no charge. All your members and staff get secure login accounts, so what you want private, stays private.

What is it like? Your management can use the site to post announcements, post event intormation, make forms and documents available, and more. Members can view announcements, book activity, post classified ads, collaborate with their committee, and more, through their computer, smart phone or a kiosk. If you have central common spaces and numbers warrant, we will install at no charge, digital LCD signs, a kiosk, a private TV channel on your common cable service, and even track any vehicles your members use out on the road.

How can it be free! You represent a lot of individuals who receive advertising flyers. By working with your local advertisers, we can replace paper with electronic advertising. They can present their message better and you never see the clutter and waste. It's good for the community, good for the advertisers, and good for the environment. And if it turns out to be a good success, large sites may even be eligible for an income, earned from ads from the local businesses you frequent anyway.

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